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Business Partners FAQs

How do I learn more? Or How can I get started?

It is really quite simple. To get started, complete the order form and provide the jpeg artwork of the coupon you want to promote. Size is 110 x 110. To learn more about us, go to read all about Couwalla; and watch our commercial. If you need to contact the team, email, or call us at 954.358.3001

If I have more than one location how does that work during the launch period and then when I sign up and pay for continuing the program?

You sign up and pay for continuing the program. Parent company is considered one account. If each location has different offers they will be considered individual accounts and charged accordingly. There will be a discount applied if you have multiple locations with multiple offers. Remember this program is for Main Street USA.

What kind of report do I get and how often?

Since this is the basic package, we can tell you downloads of the coupon. Any other business intelligence falls into our paid program.

If a coupon is not working very well , can it be revised during the first 2 - 4 weeks of the initial insertion?

We want success for you our partner. With that said we will make every accommodation necessary. But remember the success will come if the offer is enticing.

What coupon expiration dates are recommended?

Depending on your offer, your expiration date will vary. If you have a one-day sale, than that is obvious. For food we suggest 60 days and then refresh the offer. Retail is all about what you are trying to accomplish – moving clearance items etc…

Can I offer more than one coupon from the beginning?

Yes, but remember the offers needs to be enticing and different from each other. We will load the offer with a different heading so the consumer knows the difference and the value!

How do customers find out about Couwalla?

Couwalla has aligned itself with three major non-profit organizations to help promote membership. These organizations have over 3 million members. We in turn will be donating back to these organizations for each member who downloads the Couwalla app. We also will be very involved on all forms of social media and active on college campuses throughout the country. Additionally, we are rolling out with a major mall owner with locations throughout the US and the world!

How are you different than what is already out there like Groupon?

The good news is you recognize how important it is to have a mobile marketing platform. At Couwalla we pride ourselves on being your advertising partner not your landlord! While we will ask you to give a substantial discount to customers to help grow your business we do not ask for anything else.

We get asked all the time, “how do we prevent someone from using a coupon more than once?”

When you subscribe to Couwalla, you decide how many times a person can use the coupon and how many people can actually receive it. We have created a redemption process that happens right at your register. We don’t have a way for anyone to take a picture and load on the platform. All insertions are done by us with your approval from the beginning eliminating fraud.

What exactly does Couwalla do?

Couwalla was designed to be a mobile coupon platform and a wallet for all loyalty cards and reward cards. For your business we will deliver coupons, geo-targeted (within 50 miles of your location) to our users and help build your business with new customers or reward existing customers with a discount offer.