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Can you save money buying organic or fresh food?

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I know, I know, when you think about saving money with coupons you think junk food right? While there are plenty of coupons available for junk food type of items, with a little extra work you can find tons of healthy food deals. But how you ask? I’m here to shed a little light on the “how”.

First, scout out the organic sections in your local stores. Near me, I have more than enough choices including Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods, and Sprouts. Don’t forget your warehouse clubs (Costco, Sam’s Club) and their push to extend organic offerings.

Always find out what’s on sale! I can not stress how important this is to maximize your savings. Also, always pick up coupons on items you buy even if that particular item is not on your current shopping list.

This week our local Spouts had a BOGO offer on Blue Diamond almond milk. Great deal right? Well, I scored an even better deal when I used $.55 off each carton of milk, even the Free one!

You might be wondering where I got the coupons to use on top of the sale? I was shopping two weeks ago and saw a blinkie in the cereal aisle with the almond milk coupon. I grabbed about 10-12 (always an even number). While I didn’t buy any milk then, I knew there would be a sale before the coupons expired and waited to maximize my savings.
Check out my receipt. So how did I do?

12 Mar, 15

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