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Can you save money shopping for your SB football party?

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The simple answer is of course! Guys, we watch football and marvel at the amount of time, blood, sweat, and tears that go into those two teams battling on the gridiron to win the Lombardi Trophy and call themselves World Champions. I played 11 NFL seasons in the trenches, smashing my head in play after play. And every year when we reported for training camp, the goal was simple. Win the Super Bowl!

The NFL’s winning coach Don Shula would tell us before every season, “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”

The same can be said for saving money for your Super Bowl party.

Here are my tips to hosting the winning “Super Bowl Party” while saving a bundle.


Plan your menu way in advance. Have a good idea of how many people you want to feed. Make sure you get two copies of the Sunday paper two weeks before the Super Bowl. If you plan to BBQ, make sure that you have extra space in your freezer. If there is a BOGO on chips (which there always is) or snacks, load up. Make sure you have enough for the game day!

1st Half

It’s meat time. If you’re anything like me, you love a great burger or steak. This year, I used the Couwalla app to score a great deal from Omaha Steaks on burgers. I ordered two boxes of Angus beef burgers to grill up on Super Bowl Sunday. My local Publix was running a big sale on Green wise steaks, $4.99 off per pound. I bought a few of them as well. Remember that most supermarkets take competitor coupons. I have a Target coupon $10 off your deli order. I can use that to save on wings or a cheese and fruit platter at my local Publix.

2nd Half

What ever you do, don’t forget to plan to shop for drinks. Whether it’s soda, beer or lemonade. I have seen plenty of BOGO’s or buy 2 get 1 deals on Coke or Pepsi products out there. Don’t forget to look closely at those fancy Super Bowl displays. I’ve taken advantage of a Pepsi promo for a FREE Super Bowl set of glasses or $10 gift card to Publix. All I had to do was spend $20 on certain products. The beauty of this promotion is I can submit 3 per household. Check out the link here

Being the saver that I am, I had coupons for all the products on the list. So, after I get my FREE gift cards, all my purchases will be FREE.

The Super Bowl has become the “must entertain” weekend. Enjoy, have a great time watching the game. I promise you that if you save a ton of money on your Super Bowl party, you will enjoy the game more than you ever have.

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