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Couwalla Cares

Couwalla Cares is a program operated by Couwalla that donates $1 per download of the Couwalla smartphone app to participating charities. The dollar donated is received only by those charities that achieve a download that can be tracked to the charity’s marketing efforts.



Get Started

How do I register and receive donations for my charitable organization?
Registering your organization is easy. In order to register and receive donations, you must be an official representative of an eligible organization, and then follow these easy steps: Provide Couwalla with the name of your organization, EIN, administrator’s name, e-mail, and mailing address for check payments.

What are the eligibility requirements for charitable organizations to participate?
Organizations must be registered and in good standing with the IRS as a 501(c) (3) to be eligible to participate.

How does Couwalla Cares Work?
Couwalla provides each charity with a unique link that are tracked to your marketing efforts. The charity then receives a check on an annual basis with a report of when each download was completed.

Is there any cost to charitable organizations or to customers?
No. There is no cost to charitable organizations or to Couwalla customers.

Do you charge any administrative fees or take any deduction from the donation amount?
No. Charities must register to receive donations, but there is no charge to participate and we do not deduct any fees from the donation amount.

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