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Introducing Couwalla

Celia Ampel
South Florida Business Journal
February 20, 2015


jay-bernstein304xx2781-1854-0-148Led by: CEO Jay Bernstein

What it is: A free app that stores coupons and customer loyalty cards while providing business intelligence to retailers. “We get very deep into who is using the coupons and what is their experience,” Bernstein said.

Launched: January 2015.

Headquarters: Florida Atlantic University’s Tech Runway in Boca Raton.

Celebrity backer: Former Miami Dolphins player and avid couponer Keith Sims. “I loved exactly what they were doing,” Sims said. “I can put all my information and all my coupons in one app.”

Employees: 11.

Competitors: RetailMeNot, Groupon, Key Ring.

Funding so far: Bernstein and his partners have invested close to $1 million in Couwalla. They are seeking their first round of institutional capital.

Biggest Challenge: Making sure their are enough participating retailers to attract app users – and vice versa. “There’s a chicken and an egg,” Bernstein said.