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Save Money With The New Couwalla App!
(January 23, 2015)

Last weekend, myself and my fellow bloggers attended a lunch at the new BRIO Restaurant in Plantation Restaurant over at the Broward Mall in Florida to learn all about the new Couwalla App and meet it’s creators. It was a great lunch and I got to learn all about the history behind the app and it’s contributions to charity.

All the food sampled was excellent. The meat carpaccio was by far my favorite of all! There were some crostini’s, fried calamaris, spinach dip and other tantalizing dishes to nosh on.

I also had the honor to meet ex-Dolphin Football players inside the Westfield Broward Mall:


Couwalla App is a free application available for iphones and androids that will help you save lot’s of dollars with over 25,000 local coupons.

All you have to do is download the free app and it will automatically populate with your local coupons. Then “clip” or choose a coupon and the cashier will scan it directly on your cell phone. No need for clipping, googling coupons or any of that. My favorite one was the definitely the $15 of $25 purchase at Express Clothing stores.

There are thousands of coupons to chose from broken down into many categories: apparel, restaurants, electronics, groceries and more. A lot of the coupons support local markets so maybe your favorite mom and pop store are on the app too. Couwalla has set up “COUWALLA Cares” a philanthropic program, by which supporters of participating charities who download Couwalla will receive a donation from Couwalla. This month they are donating to the charity: Alzheimer’s Family Center Inc. located in South Florida Keith Sims, ex- Dolphin Football player, also known as “Coupon Keith” is behind Couwalla and loves saving money with coupons as well. So you can trust that this app really works! For now, this offer is available in South Florida, but is quickly expanding into new markets so be on the lookout for coupons near you. Here’s the one I am enticing my hubby to take me to:


What a great way to plan a family outing without breaking the bank. I am definitely loving this app and hope you will too!