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Saving Money with Couwalla – A Geo Targeted Coupon App

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February 20, 2015

This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed and shared are 100% our own.

It is no secret, I love shopping. But shopping to me means being smart about it too and stretch out my money as much as I can. Being smart about my shopping, always helps me keep in budget line and save for my next great purchase. So when I was asked to take the new app Couwalla™ out on a test drive there was no way I was shying away from it. Off I went to Broward Mall with a new outfit in sights and Couwalla™ in my phone. This is how I am Saving Money with Couwalla.

So it is an app, but what does Couwalla™ do? Glad you asked! This new cuddly app is our new friend for money-saving coupons that provides geo-targeted value and savings. This means that saving money and redeeming coupons is not more than a touch of a button away.




To access all the savings, start by downloading the free app. Automatically it fetches and delivers to you all the available local coupons. You can choose or “clip” a coupon. When you are ready to use it, the cashier will scan it directly from your cell phone. Gone are the days that need for coupon clipping or searching the internet for coupons. Better yet, there is no need for you to walk around with all your clipped coupons. I love this thought. It seems I always need that specific coupon that I left on my kitchen counter…. By the way, Couwalla works with retailers and restaurants alike.

There are thousands of coupons to chose from, and they are organized by many different categories like apparel, restaurants, electronics, jewelry, groceries and more. Searching for coupons can be done either by browsing the different categories or by name so if you know what store you are visiting, you can quickly find it this way. Most of the coupons support local markets so maybe your favorite mom and pop store are on the app too. Shopping and supporting local is something I always try doing.




A great feature that I am also taking advantage of is called “wallet”. Here is where you can save all of the different loyalty and reward programs you belong to. No need to have a physical thick wallet on account of all the places you don’t want to miss out on points or rewards! All you have to do is take a photo front and back of your loyalty card and you are set.

My shopping is now more rewarding than getting what I want while I save. That is because Couwalla has set up “COUWALLA Cares” a philanthropic program, by which supporters of participating charities who download Couwalla will receive a donation from Couwalla.



Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm beach counties in South Florida are already enjoying the benefits of Couwalla. If you are in none of these counties, hold on tight and ready to shop because the app has rapid expansion plans.

Couwalla is proving to be a great support in having family dinners out and mini shopping sprees to reward the kids with out worrying about out pockets What a great way to plan a family outing without breaking the bank. I am definitely loving this app and hope you will too!

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