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Saving Money with the Couwalla App
January 24, 2015

Love saving money? I know I do! There are many apps that help us save money but some are better than others. I want to introduce you to a new savings app on the market called, CouwallaCouwalla is more than an app that helps you save, it also offers the ability to keep all your loyalty cards in 1 place. If you are anything like me, you probably have more loyalty cards on your keys than actual keys. It makes things bulky and heavy. Last weekend, I got to attend a media event at Brio in Westfield Mall in South Florida. A group of bloggers and I got special treatment with delicious food, a limo ride, and pictures with ex-NFL players.

Brio recently opened in the Westfield Mall. It was my first time eating there and was very impressed with the quality of food. Everything was delicious and tasted so fresh! We had an assortment of appetizers to taste. I had the Grilled Salmon salad and loved every last bit of it. The salmon was flavorful and cooked perfectly.

While we dined on delicious food we got to meet the CEO of Couwalla, Jay Bernstein. We also got a surprise appearance from a former Miami Dolphins NFL player Keith Sims who is the spokesperson for the app as well as a coupon expert! It was great to hear how much they believe in the app and saving people money. The app is only available for South Florida retailers with more stores/resturants and coupons being added daily.




The app makes it easy to find coupons by having categories of what you are looking for. You can click on apparel, shoes, jewelry if you are looking for coupons for those categories or if you want to find a coupon for a resturant you select resturant. Easy. If you prefer to look through by stores or brands, there is an option for that too.



One of my favorite features is the wallet, this is where you can add all your loyalty cards. You take a picture of the front and back of your loyalty card so it could easily be scanned when you need it. No more bulky wallets and keychains! Now you’ll have everything in 1 place! I really love that feature because there are so many times I misplace my loyalty cards and can’t save additional money.

If you text “AFC” to 30241, you’ll receive a link to download COUWALLA which will benefit the Alzheimer’s Family Center. Couwalla will feature a new charity every month!