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Saving Money with the New Couwalla App
January, 24, 2015

I have yet to meet a person that doesn’t love to save money, even those that have never clipped a coupon. I am no “extreme couponer” but as a mom I am always on the hunt for the best deals while I am out shopping. The holidays may be over but the sales are still rolling out and it’s never too late to maximize the amount of money that you can put right back into your pocket. These days there are many different ways to do this, from the mailers that arrive at your home to the convenient apps on our devices.

Last weekend I attended a blogger luncheon at BRIO Restaurant in Plantation where I had the opportunity to interact with the creators of the newest money saving app, Couwalla. Myself, along with selected local bloggers were treated to a delicious lunch including a spread of BRIO’s most popular appetizers. While snacking on these we learned a lot about the history of Couwalla and how it stands out from similar apps in the marketplace. We also had the pleasure of meeting Keith Sims, a former Miami Dolphin’s player, who is now the spokesperson for Couwalla. Not to mention, he has some serious couponing skills of his own going on. “Coupon Keith” needs to teach me a thing or two!


So, what is Couwalla? It’s a leading South Florida money-saving coupon app that provides geo-targeted value, savings, and deals to ensure you are getting the most out of your shopping. The app provides shoppers within the area with access to coupons from local and national retail and restaurant chains.

There aren’t any bells and whistles. It’s easy to download and even easier to use. You can find the free app in the Google Play or Itunes App store. Once installed it will sync your location and begin to populate your local coupons. You can browse through categories such as Pets, Restaurants, Auto, Entertainment, and several others. There are many popular retailers listed including stores like Express and New York & Company, a couple of my favorites. When you find the coupon you want to use you can either clip it to save for later or use it right away. Just show the cashier and let her scan the bar code or enter the code manually.

In February there will be an estimated 45,000 coupons available through Couwalla and that number will increase each month!


Another cool feature of Couwalla is the “wallet” which you are able to include all of your favorite loyalty cards within the app itself. Like most shoppers you probably have at least a dozen reward cards either stuffed in your wallet or dangling from your keys. They may be obnoxious to carry around but once you remove one, that just so happens to be the ONE you need that day. I have a love hate relationship with these money saving pieces of plastic but never had a solution to keep them under control. You don’t have to carry around a stack of cards or worry about finding the right one when you hit the register. They are organized and stored for you. This makes saving more money even easier and it’s one of my favorite features offered.


Couwalla may be focused on providing us with the greatest savings but they also care about the community and giving back. Through their philanthropic program, COUWALLA Cares, supporters of participating charities who download the app will receive a donation from Couwalla. Each month there will be a new charity featured and right now it is the Alzheimer’s Family Center here in South Florida. You can get involved by texting “AFC” to 30241 and you will receive a link to download Couwalla while also making a donation to this organization. Every little bit helps and each time this is done $1 is donated to the month’s charity.


Coupon Keith told us himself that this app is a must have and with it he has found some of the greatest deals out there. That alone made me a believer. Right now Couwalla is only available in South Florida but quickly expanding as its launch is in full swing. Be on the lookout and keep your eyes open because Couwalla will be coming to your area soon!