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Valentine’s Day – fellas let’s get this right finally…

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Ok this one will be slanted towards us fellas. So ladies, if you have a guy in need of help regarding Valentine’s Day, send this to him.

If you have a special someone, wife, girlfriend, whoever, most of those special people have been brainwashed to expect a very special day on February 14th. Whether you like it or not, the commercial messages have done their job. Valentine’s Day is a day you will either flop or shine in the eyes of your special lady. If you’re like me, you would rather shine. So here are some easy tips to help you be a hero, not a goat!

A little planning goes a long way…leverage the technology in your hands…

Fellas, we all know what day Valentine’s Day arrives on right? Set a calendar reminder 30, 20, 7 days before the holiday. Why? This will give you plenty of time to check for special discounts. Businesses realize we aren’t the smartest or most creative when it comes to this special holiday. And they really make it easy to send something special to our loved ones.

Example: Look online to find a spa that is offering romantic couples massage at great discount. She will love it and as a bonus, you score a massage too!

If your lady has a sweet tooth, check out the deals for Cookies by Design or Kilwin’s on Couwalla to make a simple purchase in store. If you want to order online, the key is to order early. Many times they will offer discounts and free shipping within a set deadline. That’s why you set those reminders.

What about jewelry? Yup, there are tons of jewelers that offer special Valentine’s deals. Again, just check the Couwalla app.

The don’ts of Valentines gift giving…

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will just in case. I know there are some clueless guys out there.. Hear me clearly, I don’t care how much she hints that she wants a new vacuum cleaner, crockpot, or tool. You do not give it to her as a Valentine’s gift. Now if your lady is fitness focused, you could get her a new fitness watch/tracker? But be warned, she could read between the lines and feel that you are calling her fat!!

Don’t forget about Valentine’s Day all together. This is the fastest way to be single.

Don’t ever give her something she is allergic to or hates. Nothing says I don’t care more than a trip to the emergency room! Be careful trying to buy your lady clothes. If your buy a size too small, she will be upset that she can’t fit into it and if you buy a size too big, she will not be too pleased either.

The Do’s for Valentine’s Day…

Do some early planning…it’s easy start looking for deals two weeks after Christmas…

Do listen – don’t wait. If your lady mentions that she wants something months before, make a note of it. Put together a gift wish list so you are never scrambling for a gift idea.

Do buy a card – finding the right card takes time. One idea is to drop by the store a day or two after the holiday. Typically stores will discount the holiday items by 50-80% off. Pick up an extra card or two or three so you’re covered for the next year or so at a huge discount.

Listen guys, every one of us can be a hero to our lady on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take a ton of cash to make her feel like the most special woman in the world. Using tools like the Couwalla app and some planning you will have her gushing about what a great guys she has the next day. Either way, you will be the subject of conversation. Be a hero, not a goat!

11 Feb, 15

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