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The merging of Coupons and Wallet = Couwalla

Couwalla is today’s marketing answer to the challenges facing our local retail communities, or as we like to call them, “Main Street USA”. We partner with local business owners, regional and national chains ensuring that the when you shop locally, you get the best value. We think local first which includes a national approach. We want to be a part of your community providing environmentally safe smart phone promotions-PAPER FREE! Started by a nationally recognized research geek and a recognized advertising executive (research geeky too) who wants to bring business back to the communities that make this country thrive. We also understand that in order for our environment to become healthy, we must reduce our carbon footprint Think about how much paper we waste with paper coupons. Trust me eliminating paper coupons taste better then paper straws!

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Couwalla, LLC

276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 704-375
New York, NY 10001


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